PET evolution

What makes KARL100 stand out when compared to any PET infusion system is the chance to perform the infusion remotely, manually or via Rad-Inject

This infusion mode is a unique feature, that can offer a range of benefits for both operators and patients in terms of flexibility, safety and efficiency.

The infusion can also be performed by the main unit directly connected to the patient.


Designed for any use condition

Dose Preparation and Multiple Infusions Simultaneously

KARL100 can manage dose preparations and multiple infusions simultaneously.

One main unit can dispense multiple doses that can be injected concurrently to the patients via two or more Rad-Inject units, with remarkable savings of costs and time.

Full lead pot compatibility

KARL100 is the only dispensing and infusion system which can handle any lead pot and vial brands/model on the market.

No need for the radiopharmacy to change their standard mode of operation. You only need to push a button.

No activity concentration limits

KARL100 grants a clean-cut dispensing process, even with an extremely high incoming activity concentration, thanks to the automatic dilution of the main activity.

It can also work with different bulk vial sizes.


KARL100 can dispense and inject different medical isotopes, with a consistent safety class, such as:

18F – 11C – 177Lu – 90Y – 223Ra – 68Ga – 64Cu – 99m-Tc – 13-N  – 89-Zr – 123-I – 131-I – 225- Ac.


Maximum radiation protection for operator and patients

Keeps radiopharmaceuticals sterile

The sterile condition of the radiopharmaceutical is granted by:

  • An in-line 0.22 µm filter, screening the incoming activity from the bulk vial.
  • A dedicated vented area with a Class A Laminar Flow for syringe connection and filling in sterile conditions.

No bulk vial to patient connection

One of the major benefits of the remote infusion is that a patient will never be directly connected to the mother vial.

Hence, there is no risk of an overdose or patient-to-patient contamination.

Lead pot automatic uncapping

KARL100 automatically opens the Lead pot and pierces the bulk vial septum.

It has been proved that the lead pot opening phase brings the highest risk of irradiation for the operator, as the activity is the highest of the whole day.


KARL100 is equipped with a Geiger-Muller sensor, for continuous real time dosimetry monitoring.


The efficiency levels increase at every stage of the workflow

Dispensing Separate from Injection

  • No need to drive the main unit to the patient room
  • Carry only 1 kg mini-injector to the infusion room
  • Using a small automatic injector reduces patient anxiety

No activity waste

KARL100 avoids any pharmaceutical waste in any step of the process, meaning while loading the radiopharmaceuticals from the bulk vial into the mother vial, during the priming (warm up) process of a disposable kit and in case of wrong dose preparation.

Radiopharmaceutical can be recovered at any time.


The system allows a remote access for assistance, updates and maintenance anytime, everywhere.


KARL100 allows you to manage the PET dispensing and infusion workflow, minimizing the required staff.