Brand new PET/CT centre in the UK with KARL100 and Rad-Inject

From manual to automatic dipensing and injection at the Alliance Medical of Guildford. They will be able to increase the number of patients in a single day thanks to KARL100 and Rad-Inject.

Following the footsteps of KARL100 in the United Kingdom we have met the Alliance Medical Limited team: they have recently chosen KARL100 for their new Guildford PET-CT Centre. With the support of our local partner LabLogic Systems we have successfully completed the installation of the device, based at Surrey Research Park, for the automatic dispensing and Injection of FDG.

“The new PET-CT Centre is a really pioneering project, one that Alliance Medical is proud of”, said Dr. Peter Strouhal, Medical Director for Alliance Medical.
“We chose the Karl100 because it is an excellent system that is easy to use, and the system’s safety was an important consideration.”

Angela Meadows, Head of PET-CT Clinical Services, explained

“By automatically perforating the dose vial septum, as well as drawing from the vial itself, the KARL100 significantly reduces staff radiation doses while still allowing us to be patient-facing. This helps us to keep the ‘human touch’ when patients may be feeling anxious or worried. The KARL100 is less bulky than a truly standalone unit, particularly with the freedom provided by the Rad-Inject component.”

Claire Fitzgerald, Unit Manager at Guildford PET-CT, said:

“One of the purposes of the new site is to increase scanning capacity; potentially up to 40 patients a day. The KARL100’s potential speed of drawing up consecutive doses will enable smarter, faster working in busy units.”

In partnership with the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust, the centre will increase the number of patients treated in a single day, reducing waiting times. The KARL100 will be used primarily for FDG PET-CT scans and will greatly help with both operator and patient safety.